Do your clients know how hard you work for them?

Even in a seller’s market, there’s still a lot of effort that goes into getting top dollar for a listing. But most of that happens behind the scenes.

Don’t let clients think the “for sale” sign in their front yard has been the extent of your efforts.

Instead, make sure you communicate your value to clients during the transaction. How? Try these tips:

1. Update your CMA.
The CMA you created to win the listing was probably outdated by the time the home hit the market. Homes sell and listings expire every day. You need to help your sellers understand how these changes affect the value of their home.

Discussing updated CMAs reassures sellers that you’re paying attention and looking out for their best interests.

2. Share your marketing metrics.
Take the time to outline everything you’ve done to market the home. Share all web listings, email campaigns and social media posts or ads.

Review analytics with clients and show them how much exposure their home has gotten.

3. Review all buyer interactions.
Give an account of all private showings and open house visitors. Discuss any questions or concerns that have been raised by potential buyers and how you addressed them.

Highlight any offers they’ve received and provide perspective based on your knowledge of the competition.

4. Ask clients for updates.
Have your clients’ priorities changed? Have their time frames moved up? Is a price adjustment the best way to achieve their selling goals?

Don’t assume you know how they’ll want to move forward if circumstances change. Ask them.

When combined, these tips act as a progress report for your listing and improve the client experience. And there’s no better way to ensure repeat and referral business than to keep your clients satisfied.

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