Have you met HENRY?

An acronym for “high earners, not rich yet,” HENRYs are millennials and young Gen-Xers who earn over $100,000 per year. They’re the next generation of wealth. And thanks to their current spending ability and potential lifetime value, this group is quickly becoming the target demographic of real estate agents.

There’s just one problem: HENRYs don’t want to hire real estate agents. They want to hire social influencers.

What exactly is an influencer? 
Influencers are credible, authentic and entertaining. An influencer is someone HENRYs can trust to feed them inside information, endorse new products and update them on the latest trends. 

A real estate influencer knows which neighborhoods are up-and-coming, and which home amenities will match their Instagrammable lifestyle.

Who does an influencer symbolize? 
HENRYs value life experiences, reputation and finding their ideal selves. Influencers can get them there.

In fact, 84 percent of HENRYs have made purchase decisions based on the recommendation of a well-known tastemaker, and 80 percent would consider hiring one as an agent. 

A real estate influencer is relatable but also represents an aspirational lifestyle. 

How can you become an influencer?
Remember, 98 percent of HENRYs rely on social media and review-based sites.

They’ll expect you to have quality followers. A lot of them. Bonus points for media mentions and connections to prominent local influencers and lifestyle brands.

A real estate influencer has local expertise as well as a brand specialization that attracts consumers and peers. 

Perhaps the real secret is that every HENRY has a personal brand. Help a HENRY enhance their lifestyle and social persona and you’ll gain an advocate for life.

Are you ready to become a real estate influencer? Reach out today for more tips.